Inka Retreats

Give Yourself the Experience of a Lifetime

Explore and connect with sacred sites as you gain a higher understanding of the connection between the natural world and yourself.

Inka Retreats are meant to provide a hands-on experience following the core principles of the Andean/Inka Cosmology. 

Upcoming Retreats

Experience a weekend of connection and bonding with the healing energies of Mother Nature.

Experimente un fin de semana de conexión y vínculo con las energías curativas de la Madre Naturaleza. Primera vez que se realiza en Español.

Peru - A Journey into Inspiration and Ascension

Take part in this 11-day program, where you'll be intimately connected with the ancient wisdom of the greatest civilization of the Andes at their sacred sites, and change your life. As you renew your body, mind, and soul, you'll become clearer in many areas--discerning your life's purpose, your highest path, or how to proceed in areas of current challenge.

The program provides a unique cultural immersion experience. Together, we visit the most significant pre-Inka and Inkan archeological sites, including Machu Picchu, and we explore the historical mysteries of the advanced Inka culture. We join with Peruvian elders who guide us and share the teachings of Andean civilizations that are thousands of years old. Participants gain a new appreciation of our interconnectedness as humans and of our relationship with our natural world.