The Team

Ricardo Sanchez, Ph.d.

Dr. Ricardo Sanchez is a mental health counselor, educator, researcher, and Andean musician. Born in Peru, Ricardo grew up living the teachings passed on from his Quechua speaking parents, grounded by love and reverence for nature and an awareness of the interconnectedness of his community and his fellow human beings.

He was initiated in the Andean healing arts in Cuzco in 2002. Ricardo's academic and research interests include cross-cultural counseling, family and community wellbeing. His life-long passion for exploring and learning from Native cultures of the Americas and Western ways of knowing prompted him to lead retreats and journeys to Peru since 2005. 

Kathy Sanchez, Ms, MBA, CNS

Kathy Sanchez, is an astrologer and a bilingual health and nutrition communication professional with over 25 years of experience in international development and public health. She manages and writes a daily astrology blog, and she has written and edited publications on topics such as mindful eating, whole person health, and the nutritional profile and health benefits of eating quinoa, among many others. Kathy is passionate about astrology, fitness, wellness, spirituality, and exploring the interplay between human psychology, mental constructs, and ecological factors, in influencing personal choices involving health and wellness. She has been a practitioner of the Andean tradition since being initiated in 2005.

Philippe Lepelch

Philippe LePelch is a multilingual environmental, wildlife, and habitat conservation professional. He worked at wildlife refuges over a 20-year career and supported them nationwide from the Refuge System Headquarters in Washington DC. He also served three years as a volunteer wildlife biologist with the U.S. Peace Corps in the remote High Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Born in a multi-national/multicultural environment in the Washington DC area, he communicates in English, French and Spanish fluently. Having had a thirst for traveling, exploring and learning, he has visited Perú multiple times thus developing a great passion for its beautiful landscapes, diverse pre-Columbian cultures, and Peruvian cuisine. Philippe has been initiated into various traditions of the Andean Healing Arts. He strives to impart, instill, and broaden knowledge of these philosophies that are rooted in reciprocity, balance and inner-growth. 

Lilly Lepelch, M.Ed/Ph.D.

Dr. Lilly LePelch, is a bilingual Andean-Peruvian professor, researcher, and educator with 25+ years of experience. She teaches university courses related to literacy development, culturally linguistically diverse learners, and bilingual education in Virginia, USA. Because of her love for native cultures, she took the opportunity to train Ixil-speaking Mayan educators in rural Guatemala, learn about the Sami native people in Norway, and visit many ancient sacred sites such as Machu Picchu/Cusco in her home country. Growing up in the highland region of Huánuco, Perú, Lilly developed an early bond with the Quechua language and the Andean-Peruvian healing traditions. In her research and teaching, she promotes intercultural communication, celebrates diversity and advocates equity. As a global traveler, Lilly has visited 12 countries. Her hobbies include reading, jogging, hiking and meditating. One of her favorite quotes is from Maya Angelou, “When you learn, teach, when you get, give.” 

Lic. Evaristo Pfuturi

Lic. Evaristo Pfuturi - Mystic, author, a college professor of nutrition and Runasimi (the language of the Inkas), and spiritual teacher. Born in the community of K’ana, Cuzco. With life-long experience in the Inka traditions and way of life, Evaristo’s is a direct Inka descendant keeper of ancient wisdom and knowledge, passed on to him by his ancestors and life experiences. He adds a rich perspective to understanding the Andean traditions. 

As a life-long practitioner native elder, Evaristo teaches the Andean traditions, performs ceremonies, and is an advocate for the preservation of Native languages of the Andes.