Testimonials of transformation

Traveling trough Peru and experiencing it's geography and history was in itself a magnificent experience. Having hosted spiritual retreats in Norway for a decade I was not only impressed with the accommodations and the very structure of the program but also delighted with the quality of the teachings and the formidable guidance and expertise of Ricardo Sanchez and his crew.. I will rejoin the Sanchez's in the future if only to also experience Mrs. Kathy's wisdom and attention to detail. Having known the two of them for years, I am happy to see them grow together in their work for the world to enjoy and benefit.

Trude Blomso


Our Cuzco Trip 2014 has been one of the best organized travel experiences we have ever had! From the tours, the accommodations, and the meals, everything was brilliantly planned and it all blended together in a wonderful cultural and spiritual adventure. We specially enjoyed the richness of each sacred site, its significance and connotation. We thank Ricardo and his team for striving to provide the most dedicated service to each participant in the group at all times in need. The lessons learned about ourselves, about brothers and sisters, and about our ancestors helped us reconnect to the notion of a deep sense of community, brotherhood and reciprocity. We hope to be able to join another group going to Cuzco in the near future and we highly recommend this journey to anybody who is willing to explore a unique environment full of colors and flavors of the Inca ancient world.

Lilly & Philippe LePelch

Manassas, VA

After my ministerial studies I realized that the trip to Peru was also part of my training. Yes it was! An unbelievable nation, full of love, gratitude and welcoming. Cuzco and Machu Picchu provided me a new sense of inner knowing and a remembrance of where roots of knowledge were planted many centuries ago. I gained an intimate connection with PachaMama and the four elements. I called this place “Land of the Mysteries”, because its abundance of unknown waiting to be known and discovery to the world.

C. Isabelle Guzman


"Thinking about a trip to Peru? Here is our advice.

Go to marvel at the amazing landscape of the breathtaking Andes.

Go to explore the country's stunning pre-historical and historical treasures.

Go to experience the spiritual depth of the sacred Inka tradition.

Go to enjoy the rich cultural heritage, generosity and warmth of the Peruvian people.

Go to revel in the camaraderie of other open-hearted travelers.

And go with Ricardo and Kathy to be lovingly guided by people who have an in-depth understanding of the culture and spirituality of both the United States and Peru. Thanks to them for a fabulous trip! "

Bruce & Tish Minear,

Colorado, US

"Mystical Peru:The feeling of being on top of the world with vistas that cannot be duplicated anywhere in the world is the highlight of a life lived on this planet Earth. Traveling with Ricardo and Kathy was really a privilege and I always felt I was in loving hands. Machu Picchu was breath taking and the many Inka ceremonies that we participated in were full of miracles. As an example was the 360 degree rainbow around the sun at high noon during the despacho ceremony. The mountain Apus joined us many times in the form of animals like a baby goat (a kid) who jumped onto Evaristo’s lap until we were done with the ceremony. At Machu Picchu, I was almost kissed by a llama. Peru is a destination of a lifetime and I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Personal Challenge: Trying to overcome our limitations is challenging while living from day to day in our normal existence. When I was a teenager, I worked for three years in a factory, and was exposed to asbestos, formaldehyde, fiberglass and massive amounts of second hand smoke. At eighteen, I almost died. Since then, I have struggled to breathe, but have always tried to challenge myself to push my physical limits. The thought of visiting Cusco at over 14,000 feet above sea level was very frightening. And then climbing all over the countryside would be a challenge. In addition to this limitation, I was also allergic to sulfa drugs, so the high altitude medications were out of the question. Coca leaf tea was recommended to acclimate to the altitude, and again, this relief was not an option.

With all these limitations, I still endeavored to go and explore. The first two days were a challenge with a headache, but part of it could have been the result of getting caffeine out of my system. Once I acclimated to the altitude, I pushed forward. Though I couldn’t participate in all the climbing the first two days, I was always able to be at the site and see everything that the group was doing. Once acclimated, I was able to experience the exercise of climbing and the expansion of my lungs. By willing myself to climb to the highest goals, I succeeded in increasing my breathing capability so when I returned to the states; I was able to do a lot more than I could do before. If you feel that you are physically challenged, know that you can accomplish more than you think that you can. A trip to Peru is a wonderful memory you will never forget.

Thank-you Ricardo and Kathy for giving me the opportunity to experience the magic of Peru."

Linda Soby,

Virginia, U.S

"We were there as spiritual pilgrims instead of tourists. The trip went far beyond anything I expected or imagined. "

Helen Walter,

Virginia, U.S.

"The trip that Ricardo and Kathy Sanchez lead to the Sacred Valley near Cuzco and Machu Picchu Peru was totally unique and special. They provided a fantastic introduction to the spiritual practices of the Andean Inca's at their most sacred places. I was totally transported from my normal world to this spiritual domain and gained a deeper understanding of ancient spiritual practices and beliefs.

For me the trip provided a special opportunity to feel the pure energy of the natural world and to experience this with other spiritual travelers. This is truly a once in a lifetime unique spiritual journey. I highly recommend it. I give many thanks to Ricardo and Kathy for providing me with this wonderful experience."

Tom Miller

Virginia, U.S.