Journey to Peru

** save the date **   June 25- July 5, 2025 

Embark on a transformative journey to the heart of the Inka civilization, where ancient wisdom meets modern discovery. Our program offers more than just a tourist visit; it's an immersive experience designed to deepen your connection with the rich culture, sacred teachings, and healing traditions of ancient knowledge of Peru. You won't be just another tourist; you'll be a participant in a profound awakening journey, the ascension of consciousness amidst the awe-inspiring marvels of this sacred land. Join us and unlock the secrets of the past while embracing the possibilities of your future.

You'll cultivate a fresh perspective, enhanced by the wisdom of the ancient Inca culture. This newfound insight will deepen your understanding of our Western society, fostering a greater appreciation for its intricacies. Join us and broaden your worldview in a meaningful and enriching way.


Jun 25- July 5, 2025

DAY 1: A morning flight from Lima to Cuzco will take us from sea level to the mountain region at 11,200 ft. in altitude. As we relax and acclimate to the Inkan energy with short walks around the city and after a delicious lunch, we will have an orientation session with Cuzco elders and prepare us mentally, emotionally, and spiritually for the incredible journey. A blessing ceremony will mark the start of the journey. A welcome dinner/dance will follow in one of the most traditional restaurants in Cuzco City. 

DAY 2: As we become acclimated, we start the day by visiting the most important Inkan sanctuary in the city, Qorikancha (Golden Sanctuary). This is a sanctuary of integration where Inka and pre-Inka deities reside. This is the home of the Andean cosmology. Its architecture and symbology are simply breathtaking. Later in the afternoon, we will explore archeological sites as we gain more historical and spiritual context that will help us integrate knowledge in the days ahead. 

DAY 3: Our first visit will take us to the ceremonial grounds of Sacsaywaman. The visit to Sacsaywaman will mark the start of our journey. Our awareness of place and time is real, and we can almost visualize the many processions that took place there in ages past. The breathtaking landscape and Inka architecture will transport you to the golden era of Tawantinsuyo, the Inka nation. After lunch, we will visit Q'enqo a sacred site filled with symbology, teachings, and healing energy. At this point, our connection with the essence of life gains momentum as we begin to "connect the dots" of ancient wisdom.

DAY 4: On this day, our journey will take us South of Cuzco to Tipon, a sanctuary dedicated to the element of water and the life it manifests. After lunch, we will stop at Raqchi town for a visit to a temple dedicated to Wiraqocha Inka, which holds knowledge and teachings encrypted in abundant sacred geometry. Back in Cuzco, the afternoon is free to enjoy visits to theaters and museums of your choice, all-inclusive.

DAY 5: We start our descent to the Sacred Valley via Moray, a multidimensional botanical garden, also known as the Sanctuary of Life. This is the site where the Inkas created ingenious mini-climates to adapt plants to grow at many altitudes. It is also known to be a place of healing, a "roadmap" for the ascension of consciousness with the power to change lives. This visit will not only "set the tone" culturally for the upcoming days but also will awaken and expand our curiosity about WHY the Inkas and pre-Inkas viewed life from their peculiar perspective. 

After our lunch, we will visit Salinas de Maras a few miles away. Mara is known for the Salt Mines, thousands of individual salt pools on a hillside, dating back to Inkan times. We close the day with a sacred fire ceremony honoring the encounter of the Eagle (higher consciousness of the north) and the Condor (higher consciousness of the south), a Native prophesy that is unfolding today.

DAY 6: We start the day with a visit to P'isaq, an Inka citadel located in a breathtaking mountain in the Sacred Valley. Fortunately, our shuttle will take there with minimum hicking. The knowledge and sacred geometry kept in that sanctuary are remarkable. After lunch, we will have the afternoon free to Pisaq (contemporary town) to appreciate the impressive art and warmth of the local people. 

DAY 7: We continue our journey down as we come to the crossroads of the Sacred Valley in Ollantaytambo at 9,160 ft. in elevation. There, hold onto your hat as we witness the stunning view at the Temple of the Wind, nestled between several magnificent mountain peaks! At the base of the Temple, we view the spring-fed streams and lush, plant-filled landscape, which deepens our understanding of Inka's appreciation of the four elements of nature: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire. 

After lunch, we continued our journey by train, heading towards the town of Aguas Calientes (Hot Springs), located at the base of Machu Picchu. We head to the hot springs for a cleansing swim and a relaxation ritual in preparation for our entrance into the sanctuary of Machu Picchu the following day.

DAY 8: We start our ascension to the sanctuary of Machu Picchu and hike up the beautiful Inkan staircase to the top of the mountain of Wayna Picchu or Machu Picchu Mountain. Both hikes look impossible, but with their typical architectural genius, the Inkan stairway makes it much easier than it looks. Here we take time to cleanse our lungs with the fresh mountain air and enjoy the breathtaking view and purifying energy of the entire condor-shaped sanctuary. After our hike, which at a slow, leisurely pace, takes 2-3 hours, we return to the sanctuary of Machu Picchu for a tour before taking the train back to Cuzco.

DAY 9: As our Peru journey comes to its end, we head to Apu Huanakaure, a sacred mountain to connect with the origins of the Inka civilization. After a ceremony of knowledge integration (North-South, Coast-Mountain, Inka-Pre-Inka, our old and new) and honoring the renewed sense of inner awakening, we will end with the "commencement" or graduation ritual led by Q'eros elders, known locally and abroad as the keepers of the ancient knowledge. After this crowning event, we return to Cusco City for our last lunch together. The afternoon is for you to relax, walk, or do some well-deserved souvenir shopping. We close the journey with a gala dinner and dance as we say goodbye to the family we have been part of for the past 10 days.

DAY 10: Our transition back to our world begins with our new insights and a higher understanding of our path and purpose. 

We ride back to the Cuzco Airport for your flight to Lima and travel from Lima to your final destination.

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